Friday, March 23, 2012

Stage 3 - exercise 1

With this exercise marks will be used to create surface textures, based on pictures. I decided to work with these 2 pictures. The first one is from the old mills area in Minneapolis:

The whole picture would be a bit too much :-). With a viewing frame I picked out this square to work with:
The other picture is from a pile of wood blocks:
Again using the viewing frame I selected a smaller area:
Next step is to use marks to create an equivalent of the picture on paper, focussing on the surface texture of the picture. And this is what I made. Mind you drawing is not my strongest side <gr>.
In this drawing of the mills area I used pencil:
And in the 2nd one water colors.
Again the first one I used pencils:
And water colors in the second one.

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  1. What a great exercise it is so neat to follow along with you. I see a face with a turban on , bottom right.