Monday, March 19, 2012

Making marks, exercise 2

After I posted the previous exercise on this blog I realised that for all the mark makings I had used continuous line marks. This was not my intention, but apparently it just 'happened' as I do a lot of machine quilting. When I worked on the 2nd exercise I paid more attention to differentiation in the type of marks I made.
For this exercise I made 3 different areas of tone (light, medium and dark) using the same marks and the same pencil. Holding the pencil at a low angle and with little pressure creates light tones, putting more pressure on it and raising the angle the darker tones are the result.
 Some of the marks are so light that they hardly show. This is especially the case with the 1H and 2H pencils.

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  1. Wow, this course look great already Wil. I a still working on my Diplomawith Kemshals, up to module7. I hope to finish by Sept.I will be interested to see what you do in this course, I'd like to do something else when I have finished too. Thank you so much so sharing your work.