Monday, March 26, 2012

Project 2: developing your marks

For this I picked out the spiral which I drew in one of the earlier exercises. I did both machine stitching as well as hand stitching. For the machine part I played a bit with different stitches and I have to say I really like the zig-zag effect I got on some of them. Next to that I also practised some hand stitching using different threads and yarns.
 And I discovered that my machine does not like bobbin stitching. With this technique you work up-side down. No matter how I adjusted the tension it did not turn out very nice. I remember that once in a workshop I was told that when you have a machine with a drop in bobbin you cannot use this technique on that machine.  And all my machines are like this.  As this technique did not work out, I couched another yarn on the fabric which gives a similar effect.
The fabric I used for these samples was a P&B cotton.


  1. You have been busy!

    I have a drop in bobbin on my Elna - I can do the loose bobbin work by by-passing the tension mechanism in the bobbin completely. [I discovered this when the thread slipped out of the tension hook by accident!]

  2. I purchased a bobbin case especially made for bobbin work...I have a Husqavarna machine