Friday, March 30, 2012

Project 2, stage 3 sample

For this sample I looked through my mark makings for an inspiration source. And this is the one I have chosen:

Cris cros lines of different thickness. As background fabric I picked one of my sunprints. The sample is made of contrasting colors, but I wanted to do the fabric sample in softer closely related colors in a combination of machine and hand stitching.

As you can see the colors are closely related. Actually too closely related. Depending on how the light touches the fabric some of the zig zag lines hardly show. This is the main thing I learned when making this sample. To balance this a bit, I did the hand stitching in rather deep purple/brownish rayon thread.
I like the combination of machine and hand stitching. Only as I said the colors of the thread don't show enough. Lesson learned for a next case.

As I mentioned above I was not happy with the result so I decided to make another sample using the same mark as inspiration source. Again in the same color range, but with a much better contrast:
With this sample I used only machine stitching because I did not think this sample would improve if hand stitching was added. As you can see, the same sunprint as background fabric with two different yarns couched on it. Simple, not very time consuming, but it gives a nice effect.

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