Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Project 2, Stage 2 mark making with stitches

Again mark making but this time with different white/whitish thread/yarn on a black Kona fabric background. I experimented with different thread and distance between stitching lines. The 'squares' are done with machine stitching, all the other ones are hand stitched.

I am not happy with the couched yarn. It does not fit in with the rest. But that is the good part of experimenting, you find out what works and what does not. Same goes for the spirals. The one at the left is only done once with a thin thread, the one at the right has multiple stitching lines close to each other which make it really stand out. For the lines at the bottom I used a lose stern stich and I have to say I like the effect. It is more flowing than a straight line made with a double running stitch.
What else do I like? The different effect the squares give, depending on whether the lines are straight or more flowing and how dense they are stitched. Each one is different, but they fit very well together too. The loose stitching under the squares I love. I stumbled upon this type of hand stitching by accident when I saw how the couching of the yarn looked like. No idea whether there is an official name for this type of stitching or not, but I will use it more often. My book on stitches has not yet arrived, so I cannot check for a name.

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