Sunday, March 25, 2012

Project 1, Mark making exercise 2 and Stage 4 review

For exercise 2 I made the following drawings:

The objects were a seed pod, a small cone of thread, some rocks, a couple of stamps and a bank identifier.

Review of my work so far:

- Have you ever thought about drawing in this way before?
I am not used to this kind of drawing. Most of the time my design idea is only a few scribbled lines and the rest it is in my mind.

- Were you able to inventive about the range of marks you made?
I realised that - especially at the beginning - my marks were continuous line marks. Guess out of habit as I machine quilt a lot. After that realisation I really thought hard to avoid this kind of lines and bring more variety in my marks.

- Did you explore a wide range of media?
I worked with pencils, oil pastels, paint stik, acrylic paints, markers, brushes, sticks, sponge, templates, rubbing plates, different types of paper. Yes I think. Of course there are always more media to find.

- Are you pleased with what you've done? Will it help you to approach drawing more confidently?
My drawing skills are limited and it has been my plan - for a long time - to improve this.  For a beginner I am partly satisfied with the results. They can be better, yes I know that and I also know that my drawing skills will improve during this course.

- Which exercise did you most enjoy? Why?
I love color and that is the reason that I enjoyed the mark making with different media.

- Which media did you most enjoy working with? Why?
I prefer working with pencil. Depending on how you hold the pencil and how much pressure you use, you create different marks. Using markers or paint this is more difficult for me. And pencil is more forgiving. If it is wrong, it can be rubbed away. I realise that this sounds contradictory to my comment on the previous bullet point as I love color, but working with a pencil is enjoyable.

- What other forms of mark-making could you try?
I am not certain whether I understand this question properly. Is it referring to other forms of mark making I did or to forms of mark making I have not yet done? I will answer both. The other type of mark making I enjoyed was working with wooden sticks and paint. This technique gives a lot of texture. Forms of mark making I have not yet done is printing. I only used punchinella as a template, but with printing there are so many types of templates to try out. And I love doing multiple layers.

- How will these exercises enrich your textile work in the future?
I think that in the future more beading and embroidery will show up in my work. These two techniques create texture in textile work. In the past I have used zapped lutrador or other synthetic material to create texture, or (multiple) layers of manipulated fabrics but there are more techniques which can give a textured effect.

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