Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Project 5, stage 3

This part is all about stamping and painting on fabric. I allready did some stamping on fabric for project 4, but here are more samples. The first one is an enlargement of the commercial stamp I used on cheesecloth earlier on. The original one was brown paint on white fabric. This sample gives a complete different mood, much more girly. The ovals are enlarged and I used shiny pink paint for them. The background is painted wet on wet with red dyna-flow. Fabric is cotton pfd.

 For this sample I cut out a template of leaves and mirrored this. I ironed the freezer paper on to the fabric and used a creditcard to swipe the paint over it. Unfortunately the freezer paper was rather old and my experience with old freezer paper is that it is much harder to stay ironed to the fabric. That is the reason that there are some 'leaks' in the paint. Fabric used is dupioni silk.
For both the next samples I used paintsticks. The blue one is reorganised shapes - going from regular positioned circles to irregular places ones. I used dark blue/charcoal colors on a light blue background (handdyed fabric) to represent a different - more gloomy - mood.
 For this sample I used a torn piece of paper - like I did for project 4 - and repositioned this while I used the paintsticks on it. The final result looks like a mountain range. The fabric I used was a woolen one.
 The next sample did not give the effect I was after and I know why this was. The paint I used was too thick to flow on the wetted fabric. Fabric was a handdyed cotton, paint was Lumiere.
 With this fabric I got the result I wanted for the previous sample. Even though the fabric was dry (silk), the thin dyna-flow paint gave the effect of wet on wet.
More samples are coming with next blog post.

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