Sunday, July 8, 2012

Continuation of project 4, stage 2

Life kept me away too long from this course, but luckily I have more time available at the moment. Here is the continuation of the project where I left off in May. I picked one of the drawings I did earlier on and played a bit more with it. In the first sample I used a pencil, in the second sample acrylic paints and in the third one thorn paper. The reason that I choose this design, is that I love the organic shapes of it. By now it hardly looks like the original image of the man hole cover, but that is no problem as the man hole cover was only the inspiration source.

 Out of practical reasons the number of the spirals is less and the details are also less. Each sample is around 6"x6".
 For the collage sample the colors should have been much bolder, but my choice of different colors is limited. The background and the circles are okay, but the green is way too light. On purpose some of the yellow circles at the bottom are partly outside the square.
Out of these 3 samples, my favorite is the one done with the acrylic paints. I love the bold, colorful effect it gives with the simplified shapes.

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  1. Glad to see you back Wil, I have missed your posts.