Monday, July 23, 2012

Project 4, Stage 5, other types of printing

Here are some samples of gel printing. The gel was already 5 days old before I had time to use it, so it was not anymore in the best condition. Even after trying to dry it with a dishcloth, the gel remained wet and the acrylic paint did not really wanted to stay on it. Anywy you can see some of the prints of grasses and leaves I used. The first sample is done on tissue paper.
 The next 2 samples are done on fabric. Not the best result I have had, but the gel was not anymore in prime condition.

In all the above samples the leaves/grasses were placed on top of the painted gel and the fabric or paper was placed on top of it. The next sample is made differently. The grasses were placed on the painted gel, lifted of and carefully placed on a piece of paper. You get a complete different effect when you print like this, like the difference between positive and negative.
Here is another sample of using the same technique. Unfortunately there was a bit too much paint on some of the leaves to give a good print:

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  1. There are five types of Printing namely:
    1. Offset Lithography
    2. Letterpress
    3. Digital Printing
    4. Engraving
    5. Electrostatic Printing