Sunday, July 22, 2012

Project 4, Stage 5, Template and mask printing

Here are some exampls of using templates and mask on both fabric as well as paper. For the first sample I used a freezer paper template and Decoularant spray. I like this spray better than bleach, although the smell is worse. The fabric is a handdyed piece on which I ironed the template, sprayed it, let it dry and ironed it.
 This green fabric is a sunprint using grasses as templates. The fabric was pinned on a board, painted with diluted Setacolors and grasses were added. After a couple of hours in the sunshine it looked like this:
 This picture is of a quilt I am working on - have to make another sample for my sketchbook. I placed foamies on a piece of fabric and applied paintstick to the fabric using an old toothbrush.
 Again paintsticks, but this time on a piece of paper. My template was a torn strip of paper. By applying paintstick to the paper - this time using my finger - and replacing the template I got these results:

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