Sunday, July 15, 2012

Project 4, stage 4 plus review

For this project I decided to work with this doodle. In my previous blogpost I already wrote a bit on how I plan to work with this idea.
Knowing that I wanted to work in black and white I cut out some shapes of black card stock: wavy lines and circles. Al of them in different sizes. I drew 3 rectangular shapes in my sketchbook and started playing around with the shapes. Here are the designs I came up with. I added my comments to each of them. The first design was A:
A bold wavy lines and 3 rather big circles. Because one of the circles overlaps the wavy lines, the shape becomes confused. Two other negative points of this design are that it is mainly vertical and because of that the view leads out of the design.
My second design was B:

I made the wavy lines much thinner and added a horizontal line as well. However the horizontal line is too bold compared to the vertical lines. The circles are much smaller than in design A. The positive points of this design are that the design is both vertical as well as horizontal and because of that the view stays within the design. The eye roams around starting in the top left corner.
My third design is this one C:

The vertical lines are still thin. Instead of the bold horizontal line of design B, I used 2 thin lines and placed them in a more playful position. I reduced the circles a bit in size and added a third one. The size of the strips and the circles are better matched this way. The thin horizontal lines are more in harmony with the thin vertical ones, more pleasing to the eye. Same as with design B the view of this design moves over the design, starting at the top, but stays within the design.
Out of these 3 designs, design C is the most balanced. The black lines and circles are not overpowering, they are in balance with the white background. Because of the different shapes (lines as well as circles) there is a difference in shapes used which makes it pleasing. I really like this design and will make a small quilt out of it. The texture will be created by the fabric I intend to use:

A bit difficult to take a good picture of, but the white is a uneven woven linnen and the black is a smooth Kona. Additional texture will be created by the quilting.

- Did you manage to make space move?
Yes, I did. By placing the shapes in different places I can create movement. Especially when some of the shapes go over the edge of the design.
- What are your thoughts about the drawing you did in stage 3?
Drawing is not - and will never be - my strongest or my favorite way of expressing myself. I wrote about that in an earlier blogpost. Doodling is the most I do for a design. But I love the mindmapping or word association to come up with ideas and how I can make use of them.
- Were you able to use your drawings successfully as a basis for further work? Are there any other things you would like to try?
Yes, I can use my doodles for further work. Actually I have several designs in my mind and in doodles on which I will be working the coming weeks.
- Now that you have a good working method, do you feel confident that you can carry on working in this way independently?
Yes. I can write a lot here, but it all comes down to the fact that I have been working in this way for many years now.

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