Thursday, July 26, 2012

Project 5, Stage 3 continued

And here are my other 6 samples for this project. The first one I made by scrunching up the wet fabric, ironed it dry while it was still scrunched and applied metallic paint on it using a spounge brush.
 For this sample I placed torn strips of masking tape on a waffle woven piece of cotton and used a credit card to swipe the paint over it.
 On this sample I used bubble wrap as a stamp. Depending on whether the bubbles were whole or poked through the pattern is different. After this I used some punchinella as mask for additional marks.
 Another sample of torn paper. For this screen print I placed the strips of paper on top of the fabric - a raw silk - under the screen and used different colors of paint.
 Another screen print. This time with scraps of paper. Otherwise the same technique as the sample above. This fabric is a commercial white-on-white printed cotton.
 For the final sample of this stage I used a hand cut lino stamp of a fern leave and acrylic paint on thin muslin. The additional lines are caused by the lino cut. I consider them a bonus.

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