Friday, July 20, 2012

Project 4, Stage 5, block printing

This part of the course will probably be one of my favorites. I love surface design :-). Here are some of the samples I made this week using commercial stamps. This first pink one is a piece of fabric on which I used different acrylic paints and different commercial stamps. On purpose the stamps are overlapping. This sample is approximately 12"x12" and as you can see because of the overlapping it can be made as big as you want it to be.
 This second one I made by placing a zapped piece of lutrador over the white fabric and than stamped it using a commercial stamp and yellow acylics. Because of the lutrador the print has a detoriated effect and that was the effect I was after.
 This next sample is a painted piece of wallpaper. I wanted to use a highly textured piece of paper in combination with an abstract commercial blockprint.
 Another paper sample of multiple commercial blockprints. I used a credit card to aply the paint to the background.
 This next sample is one of my favorites. I fused a piece of cheesecloth (scrim) to a white piece of fabric and stamped it with a commercial stamp. As a whole it is interesting, but when I partly removed the white background fabric and placed it on some blue paper the texture shows much more. When this idea is used for a bigger piece of cheesecloth and the cloth is stretched and pulled to give a much more uneven effect to the stamping I think I will like it even more.

This is a sample which I made using a rather unusual blockprint: an onion. The sliced onion was left to dry for a couple of days. I used Dyna-flow paint which I applied to the 'stamp'  using a foam print. I just love the results I got:
And my last sample of blockprinting. This time I used lots of found objects. They included a potato masher, a bath mat, a metal thingie out of an old computer and some punchinella. All unusual objects to print with, but in combination a very pleasing result.

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