Sunday, May 13, 2012

Project 4, stage 2, looking for shapes

Out of my collection of photo's I picked two to work with. Both were taken in Minneapolis. There is a street there down town, where they have the most wonderful manhole covers. If I remember correctly, it was an art project some years ago. With a viewing frame I picked out four interesting parts of this manhole cover as inspiration for some design drawings.

 The other picture was taken at the old mills district. This old metal bridge has such interesting lines. With the viewing frame I picked out - again - four interesting parts as inspiration source. On purpose I picked two complete different type of pictures, one organic shapes and the other straight lines.
And here are some pictures of the drawings I made:

Although I like the comination of the lines shown in the bridge, I discovered that it is very difficult for me to use the lines as design ideas. Of the 8 samples I made there are only 2 which I find slightly interesting: the 2nd row at the right and the 4th row at the right.
To me it was much more rewarding to draw design ideas using the manhole cover picture. This is what I created:

I was able to draw more intuitive with these organic lines and I find the results much more interesting. My favorite is the top row at the right, but also I see use for several of the other ideas.

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