Wednesday, May 9, 2012

project 3, stage 5

Not the most logical sequence <vbg>, but here is what I did for stage 5:

For this sample we had to use 2 primary colors and use them in different proportions. My first sample (top left) has equal numbers of yellow and red lines of chain stitches. Because red is a darker color than yellow, the red blends a bit more to the background. If you compare the sample with the one next to it - where I used 4 lines of yellow and 1 line of red - you see that where there is a lot of red, the yellow looks darker. It is the same color of pearl cotton I used, but the sample at the right looks a lighter yellow than the one on the left.
The left bottom sample starts with 4 red lines and reduces down to 1 line while the yellow goes exactly the other way round. To be honest I find this sample rather boring.
An other thing which we had to explore with this sample was to show more - or less - of the black background. With the chain stitch there is always some background visible, so I had to do something else with it. Instead of static straight lines, I decided to use wavy lines. All 5 lines start at the same spot, but they travel away from each other further down. Of the 4 samples I made this one is my favorite. It is the most dynamic of all.

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