Saturday, May 12, 2012

Project 4, Stage 1, Design

This project is all about design. The first stage is about playing around with the positioning of the small square - each 3x3 cm, a bit more than 1"x1" - on a 12x12 cm (5"x5") square. Depending on how and where you place the black squares, the design can be static or dynamic. It can focus your eye on one spot, or have it roaming around the whole block. I made all the samples independently from each other, but if you look at the first picture it appears to be one continuous design over 2 blocks. This is just a coincidence, but I like the idea so it might be something I can use in the future: combining one design over 2 quilts.
The second set shows a rather static design, although it is a bit more than just static as the squares run over the edges of the white block:

The last design with the black blocks would look better if the blocks were reducing in size. It is in a kind of spiral shape.
The other four designs are done with pencil lines. The first one is a serene design, just 2 straight lines at a different size away from the edges of the white block. The second one plays a bit with this idea. The vertical lines are straight and four of them are at exact the same distance. The two diagonal lines make the design a bit more playful. They run exactly parallel to each other.

The third one is a continuation of the same idea. Diagonal lines running parallel to each other. If I combine the second with the third one, my preference goes out to the second one. The combination of the straight lines with the diagonal ones makes it more interesting than only parallel diagonal lines.

The final sample is a combination of diagonal lines. The block on its own is okay, but if you repeat this design and change the position of some of the blocks it becomes much more interesting.

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