Sunday, April 22, 2012

project 3, stage 3, exercise 4

This exercise was about 3-dimensional objects placed on a colored piece of paper. The color of the paper has its influence on the color of the objects and a red object is not the same red everywhere. I used 2 wooden blocks - guess they are children's toys, but I have no idea how they ended up in my studio :-) - on a light blue paper. Painting is not my best skill, but I think I achieved what this exercise was about. The inner part of the blocks has a deeper color than the front. Same goes for the side of the blocks, the color has a different value there. Where the blocks touch the paper, there is a dark line as a shadow and also the blocks reflects a light shadow on the paper. While the corner lines of the blocks are lighter than the other parts. The paper the blocks are on, is not the same color of blue everywhere, there are some shadows caused by the blocks and some lighter areas caused by the natural light. If the sun had been shining while I did this exercise the light blue would have been even lighter. By mixing the acrylic paints I got as close as I could to reach those results. The colors I used were red, my 2 blues and white.

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  1. Very good Wil, you did a great job. Have been off the computer so haven't been watching your progress..will catch up now :)