Saturday, April 21, 2012

project 3, stage 3, exercise 2

Another exercise about using color. Startin point is a colorful piece of fabric. I used a sample of linen which I made during Jane Dunnewold's soy wax class. The colors I used on this piece of fabric I do not own, so using a handmade piece of fabric is not cheating :-). This piece of fabric is glued into my sketchbook and the task is to add colors to the edged, so that you cannot see the difference between the colors of the fabric and the ones of the paper. I used acrylic paints for this in the colors deep red, aquamarine blue, primary yellow, silver and zinc white. As the paint is still wet, I had to take a picture for this blogpost. So there might be a slight color difference because of this, I am not certain.
When I look at the picture I see that the green at the bottom could have been a bit darker and the yellow/orange/brown at the left a bit lighter. This is less visible when I look at the sketchbook. In all I like this kind of exercises.

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