Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Project 3, stage 3, recording Color exercise 1

This exercise is about mixing colors and the effect which has adding white or black to the color. I did this exercise with both acrylic paints and with water color paints. The first picture is done with watercolors. I used my waterbrush to apply these colors. This is a brush which  as a compartment for water in the brush. By squeezing the compartment, the water flows into the hairs of the brush. I love this brush as it makes color mixing much easier than with a regular brush. The first section of the colors was done by adding white to the color. The second section has black added to it.

As you compare the water color with the acrylic one you see especially when black is added, that more variations are visible with the water color than with the acrylic paint. The precision of adding black is for me more difficult with acrylic paint.
And I know that if I would do this color with procion dyes, I would get better visible gradation. Adding even a tenth of a gram of black results in a different color.

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